Africa Fashion Festival New Zealand provides an artistic platform for young, emerging, and established high-end designers and artists from Africa to showcase their creativity and connect with buyers and stockists. The Fashion Festival also celebrates Africa's vibrant and diverse culture through art forms such as music, poetry and dance. 


The AFFNZ platform

– Provides brand visibility for designers and artists.

– Provides access to new brands for buyers and consumers. 

– Introduces, discovers & nurtures new and established brands.

– Supports designers & artists in creating a strong brand presence and consumer base in the Australasian market.

– Promotes, educates and highlights Africa's creative industry by giving festival attendees a one of a kind experience, and providing them with a different perspective of Africa.



The festival will support three key social initiatives for young Africans, in collaboration with the designers:

– A mentoring programme to empower young Africans in New Zealand to engage in their communities.

– A year internship for three talented design graduates with our Social Impact Enterprise ADJOAA and one of our participating designers.

– Supporting education in parts of Africa through mobile libraries and book club initiatives within selected schools and communities in the countries of the participating designers.


Another important focus of Africa Fashion Festival is empowering first and second generation Africans in New Zealand                   to connect with, embrace and proudly share their heritage and culture.  


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Event Production

Pinaman Owusu-Banahene  - Founder & Executive Producer

Pinaman Owusu-Banahene - Founder & Executive Producer

Yvette Edwards  - Event Logistics Manager   Peter Edwards  - Event Staging Manager

Yvette Edwards - Event Logistics Manager

Peter Edwards - Event Staging Manager

Annelies Kuypers  - Backstage Manager 

Annelies Kuypers - Backstage Manager 

Marketing & Communication

Sarah Wong  - Digital Media & Promotion

Sarah Wong - Digital Media & Promotion

Sophie Geden  - Digital Media & Promotion

Sophie Geden - Digital Media & Promotion

Deborah Pathak  - Marketing 

Deborah Pathak - Marketing 

Programming & Media

Edgardo Tabios  - Graphic Design

Edgardo Tabios - Graphic Design

Sally Young  - Lead Photographer 

Sally Young - Lead Photographer